Open Port Detection

Secure your network perimeter with our comprehensive Port Scanning module. Enter an IP, a range of your network, or select an entire country for a full sweep. Our service rapidly identifies open ports even on large networks.


Precise Service Mapping

Elevate your network's safety with our Active Service Detection feature. Our advanced scanning technology goes beyond the surface to accurately identify and classify all active services on your network or by whole country.


Security Monitoring

Our system vigilantly checks for any newly opened ports and service anomalies, even when you're away. Receive immediate notifications via email or SMS and respond swiftly to any irregularities.

About Us

Scanitex was specifically developed and designed to handle large volumes of data, accommodate vast amounts of network traffic, and is geared towards expansive network environments.

  • What Is This For?
  • Who Is It For?
  • Use Cases

Scanitex is crafted to gather detailed information about open ports and active services within large-scale enterprise networks or across entire countries, boasting a high-speed scanning capability that can reach up to 10,000 kpps in certain scenarios.

  • High-Speed Scanning
  • Enterprise-Scale Capability
  • Comprehensive Port Mapping
  • Real-Time Service Detection

Designed for the vigilant and the strategic, Scanitex serves a broad array of professionals and organizations. Cybersecurity researchers will find it an indispensable ally in their quest to understand and fortify digital domains. Governments and large corporations can leverage its expansive reach to safeguard national and commercial interests. Cloud service providers will benefit from its ability to seamlessly monitor and protect vast cloud infrastructures. Law enforcement agencies can utilize the service to ensure the integrity and security of their networks, aiding them in the prevention of cybercrime.

  • Cybersecurity Researchers
  • Government Entities
  • Large Corporations
  • Cloud Providers
  • Law Enforcement

Here are just a few of the scenarios in which our service can be utilized:

  • Malware Mitigation
  • Detect compromised servers by scanning for ports commonly exploited by malware, aiding law enforcement in cybercrime prevention.

  • Network Audits
  • Large companies conduct regular, comprehensive scans to assess network vulnerabilities and enforce security policies.

  • Threat Research
  • Cybersecurity researchers analyze scan data for patterns, contributing to threat intelligence and defense strategies.

  • Small Business Owners
  • Enable server or network monitoring to secure your business infrastructure. Receive notifications if an open port is detected while you are away, ensuring prompt and proactive security management.


What can Scanitex do?

High-Speed Port Scanning

Accelerate your security with our High-Speed Port Scanning service by a network range(s) or even by country(s). Designed to quickly identify open ports, our sophisticated scanning technology enables you to detect all the open ports by your setup in real time. Stay one step ahead of threats with rapid, comprehensive assessments of your network's exposure.

System and Service Identification

Gain deep insights with our System and Service Identification. Our scans meticulously pinpoint domain names, operating system versions, and active services across your network. With our precise detection capabilities, you'll understand your digital footprint and strengthen your security posture.

Selective Service Scanning

Customize your security checks with our Selective Service Scanning. Choose from essential services like SSH, RDP, MySQL, MSSQL, and more to tailor your scans. Focus on what matters most to you, ensuring each specific service is secure and robust against cyber threats.

Reporting and Analytics

Transform data into actionable intelligence with our Reporting and Analytics. Visualize your security status through detailed reports, diagrams, and graphs. Easily digest statistics and export findings to files, or conveniently upload them to FTP. Empower your decision-making with clear, insightful data presentation.

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